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Man Loses Memory; Shows Up At Emergency Room

A frantic businessman rushed into the emergency room, threw his attaché case on the reception desk, and exclaimed, “Nurse, I need help!”

The noise woke her up, and she said, “What?”

“This is an emergency!” he said.

“You’ll have to take your place in line,” she informed him.

“What line?” he replied, looking around. “The place is empty.”

“Oh,” she admitted, and held out her hand. “Can I have your insurance card?”

“Sure,” he said, “what’s that?”

“Proof that you have health insurance.”

“Oh, proof,” he said.

Just then a door flew open and a man was wheeled across the room on a table, accompanied by a doctor with a notepad.

“Relax,” the doctor told him. “It’s only a heart attack.”

“But I need help, now, or I could die,” the man informed him.

“Don’t be silly,” the doctor replied. “I already gave you aspirin. That increases survival rate by an average of 33.3%. Now, I have to ask you some questions. Up to four blood vessels in your heart may need replacement.”


“Your insurance only cover…

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